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Talk to Someone

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If there is one message I would like to stress to people who are suffering from depression it would be this – you are not suffering alone and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Depression is an issue that is becoming more and more apparent to be very common. Research has shown that sinc...

My Approach

The approach that I take to counselling is one that is flexible, focuses on individualised client-centred care and is founded on evidence-based outcomes. To do this I focus on working together with my clients to determine the changes that they want to see happen, what it will take to get them there and what barriers are preventing them from reaching these goals.


When working with clients I have these goals in mind:


  • To work in a way that is effective for my clients


  • To tailor my approach to each client


  • To determine the effectiveness of my current approach and interventions and adjust them accordingly to suit each client by regularly seeking client feedback


  • To build a strong working alliance with each client


  • To assist clients identify the issues and barriers that are holding them back


  • To assist clients determine the best way to work through these issues and overcome their barriers


  • To empower clients to take charge of their lives and make positive changes


  • To assist clients work towards the goals that they have set for their therapy


  • To provide a space where clients can feel safe, contained and heard


  • To journey with clients at their level